What Our Clients Say About Us

Lonnie and crew are the best. They are focused on fixing the problem rather than selling you a new system. My heat recently went out and I expected a sales pitch for a new system since mine is pretty old. They were able to get it running with just a couple of small repairs and saved me literally thousands of dollars. He went through thoroughly troubleshooting and figured out exactly why it wasn’t working. It was tricky because there were 2 problems but he found them and fixed them rather than just trying to sell me parts or even a whole new system. There is no one else I will ever call or recommend again.

Gabriel Cody

Wow! Unbelievable service and quality. A company that believes in standing behind their word and doing a job at a fair price. You don't find that very often these days. I highly recommend we all support this company for those reason.

Tamary Lively

I would absolutely recommend having Air Degree look and repair you hvac needs! I had other companies look at my unit but Lonnie was able to troubleshoot the problems and repair my unit in a timely and professional manner. I can not state how professional and knowledgeable the guys at Air Degree are!!! Thank again to these guys and I hope you use them for your heating and cooling needs!

Min Yoo

They were very professional and courteous. They wanted to make sure that what ever our problem was to get it repaired quickly, efficiently and at the most cost effective means. We had one company state we needed a whole new unit but Air Degree fixed just the problem and saved us over $2000.00. We will always call them first.

Cynthia Henderson

First off, Air Degree gave me the best price for a new unit for the house. I did check with some other companies and it wasn't even close. Second, when Lonnie told me what time to expect them, they were there on time and ready to work. Most important of all to me was the amount of detail they put into there work. Doing the little things to make sure I would not have any water or animal issues around the house and unit, and staying unit the job was complete. They were very easy to work with and I complete trusted their knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend Air Degree and will use them for all of my future service.

Brian Tharp

My parents needed help with their unit because the pan overflowed. They came, saw, and knew exactly what the issue was. Got everything done same day and my folks haven't had an issue since. My parents also only call them to maintain the unit. I would highly recommend them for all future a/c needs.

Sabrina Henry

I have been using Air Degree for years now and I cannot recommend them enough. From repairing my old unit to installing a new unit and ductwork to yearly maintenance, they have exceeded my expectations every time.

Matt Worsham